MAY 1, 2019

Well, they really meant it when they said the time would fly by.


I concluded my internship at SHOWstudio in the most British fashion with a celebratory tea party. I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work abroad, as I met some of the most amazing humans and made beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.


I wrapped up my university courses with three ten-page papers, two cups of coffee (per day I mean), and one all-nighter. I was lucky enough to have taken courses with incredibly intelligent and kind professors that taught me a lot about British culture and London life.


Over the last weekend in London, five of my best friends and I traveled to Berlin and Budapest for one last adventure abroad. Without much of a plan, we spent days roaming around the city streets, markets, and landmarks, trying to take it all in and embrace the moment.  


It is hard to put into words what these past four months in London have meant to me, so check out the short video I edited featuring all my adventures and the beautiful humans I met. I am so grateful for the lifetime of memories and lifelong friends.



APRIL 14, 2019

To quote my best friend Josee Matela’s catchphrase, “we are out here living our best lives.” Over the past semester in London, I have interned, studied, traveled, celebrated, and stressed. Its been a balancing act with school, work, and social, but I couldn’t be more grateful for all the adventures and memories I'll keep in my back pocket forever. *que sentimental tears* 


Over the past month, I continued working as an editorial intern at SHOWstudio alongside university courses. I also booked several trips throughout the month - I am actually writing from 30,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean. To celebrate my 21st birthday, I traveled to Athens with two of the greatest friends. Every New Years Day, my mother bakes trays on trays of the Greek dish Spanakopita to carry on my grandmother and great grandmother’s tradition. I always dreamed of visiting Greece, and the trip will forever hold a very special place in my heart. In the past few weeks, I also visited one of my best friends in Ireland for a second time and explored the countryside of England, traveling down to Brighton for the weekend with my boyfriend.


Despite the stress, the past month living in London has been unforgettable. It is hard to believe I only have one month left, but I plan on creating even more memories and making the most of every day.



MARCH 14, 2019

Wow. It feels like I just wrote ‘My Life in London: Month One’ and now, I’m sitting in the exact same coffee shop writing ‘Month Two’ … *takes a hot minute to be sentimental*. Okay, so two months have passed since I first arrived in London and I have gotten to know the city more than I could’ve imagined. I have also been under the weather with bronchitis, so London has comforted me with cozy cloudy skies. 


Still, the sniffles have not stopped me from exploring London and exploring new cities on the weekends with friends. My favorite spot to keep revisiting in London is by far Camden Market with all of its hustle and bustle and, of course, vegan food! Over the past month, I have also traveled to Amsterdam, Netherlands and Reykjavik, Iceland - check out the travel gallery to see snapshots from the trips. I will never forget the memories I made on both trips.


At the end of February, I also began a fulltime internship with the London-based fashion website SHOWstudio working Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm - I know, the London work hours are sweet. As an editorial intern, I drafted social media posts, newsletters, blog posts, contributor bios, and more. On occasion, I made coffee for guests, but dodged the added stress serving the perfect cup of English tea.


I can’t wait to see where the next month in London takes me. I know it’s going to be a good one. ☺



FEBRUARY 14, 2019

Here we go… yet another blog post about how study abroad changed someone’s life and allowed her or him to find themselves through travels. Well, I’ll spare you all the emotional sentiments about how lucky I am to have found such beautiful best friends in London – they are some of the most incredible humans I have ever known… sorry I couldn’t help myself… I love them very much. I’ll also spare you the story of finding myself because the amount of times I have gotten lost on the Tube pretty much trumps my right to say I have found myself in London. Nonetheless, over the past month, I have grown more than I could have ever imagined. *cue the clichés*


On January 14th, I arrived in London with two duffle bags and moved into an adorable dorm room with yellow and blue walls, which would be my new home for the next four months. After a few days of sightseeing and exploring (you know, all the touristy places), it was time to hit the books and begin the course work. Still, all the course work in the world would not stop my friends and me from exploring London and traveling as much as we could on the weekends. In the first month, we traveled to Paris, France and I traveled solo to Dublin, Ireland to visit my roommate from American University (check out the travel gallery to see snapshots from the trips). Honestly, I feel so grateful to have had the chance to explore these two gorgeous cities with humans that are even more beautiful.


If the first month of study abroad sets the tone for the rest of the semester, I can’t wait to see what is in store. Guess you will have to stay tuned. :)



DECEMBER 18, 2018

At first glance, living eco-friendly can seem like an overwhelming responsibility, especially for frequent travelers. Navigating a different environment is difficult as is, so it’s totally understandable if introducing the idea of traveling eco-friendly seems impractical. However, there are a few quick and easy ways to make your spontaneous escapades environmentally friendly without any hassle. Keep in mind these simple tips for eco-friendly traveling while packing your bags and enjoy your next adventure feeling good about your environmental contribution. ​

  • Travel light. I’m confident we are all guilty of overpacking at some point in our lives … and believe me I am no exception. However, minimizing the number of items you cram into your carry-on not only helps maintain the strength of your back but the health of the environment.

  • Before traveling, make sure to unplug electrics, turn off the lights, and turn down the thermostat. If you are leaving behind an empty home, save on your electrical bill and reduce energy usage.

  • Pack an empty reusable water bottle. Not only can you save on spending for a ridiculously overpriced single-use plastic water bottle, but also you can reduce your contribution to plastic in the environment.  

  • Similarly, pack reusable bags. If you are traveling for an extended amount of time, throw a few reusable bags into your suitcase. They take up virtually no room and will be incredibly convenient while traveling.  

  • Buy local products. Shopping and eating local products can help minimize the environmental cost of importing goods. You can support the local community while also reducing your carbon footprint.  

  • Use eco-friendly transportation. Make the most of your travels by exploring the region and culture using local transportation methods. Perhaps you take a bike to the beach, a bus to the grocery store, or the train to the city. However you get around, just keep in mind its impact on the environment.

  • Respect the local environment. Just a friendly reminder not to litter and always recycle or throw away your waste. Simply avoiding single-use items like maps, brochures, or paper products can help reduce your environmental impact.  

  • Don’t disturb the local environment. Locals often mark paths and advertise specific rules for tourists to follow that do not disrupt the wildlife. It is especially important to follow these local policies for your own safety and for the protection of the environment.


I am a multimedia environmental journalist with innovative news writing, video editing, and social media marketing skills. I cover breaking news and investigative reports focused on environmental health, science, and justice.




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